Short Bio

Been a resident of the United Kingdom since 2012. Since then I’ve worked as; a cook in Chilango and Mexican Express, a supervisor for Schools plus, a science teacher with Mother Nature Science, an extra for Ray Knight, volunteered as a cashier for Haven House Charity.

I’ve been working in Empello since January 2017, I started as a Technical Operations Engineer, then became a Junior Developer and since of 2019 I've been the Internal Operations Manager, I run the tech ops department as well as develop and maintain company software.

Tech I use Daily:
Python, Django, Flask, Ubuntu, Bash, Linux, Windows, Docker, Celery, SSH, Putty, NotePad++, MySQL, MySQL WorkBench, Visual Studio Code, Seleniu, Chrome WebDriver, Google Sheets, Android, Different VPN and Proxy services, wordpress and always adding more.



Currently working for Empello as the Internal Operations Manager. Specialising in Python & Django.

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Supporting Actor

During 2015 to 2016 I worked as a supporting actor in several movies and TV shows.

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Science & Language Teacher

I have several years of experience teaching English, Spanish and Science classes around the world.

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