Sofa Bar

So I have decided to to use my page/blog to write about my stupid/brilliant ideas I have, atleast the ones I don’t care for to get stolen, and what best to idea to start with than the brilliant Sofa Bar. I’ll set the scene. You need to kill 2 hours in Central London, you have an appointment or meeting a friend and it doesn’t make sense to go home and come back, you don’t want to stay in the office and you don’t want to go to a noisy coffee shop, you ideally wish your house was really close so you could go chill and go to your appointment but it’s most likely not. I’ve found myself in that position several times and I’m sure I’m not the only one, well, here is where a Sofa Bar comes in! Imagine the atmosphere of a library, quiet and relaxed but with dozens of sofas, no uncomfortable chairs like in a coffee shop. In a Sofa Bar you would go rent a sofa for an hour or 2 and just relax, there would be signs to keep quiet and you could order refreshments from an app and the person in reception would bring them to your sofa. No food, just a cold coke maybe an orange juice, as of this moment I’m still debating whether I would serving coffee in my Sofa Bar. You of course would have ultra fast Internet and plugs everywhere, we can make it smell nice too. Good idea?

Imagine it with people and with blankets instead of tags

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