Einsteins brain was stolen

RadioLab, one of my favorite podcasts did a series about intelligence, what it is, how it became a popular concept in culture among other topics. In the latest episode, G: Relative Genius, they talked about how Einsteins brain was stolen. A fascinating story.

The reason we know what we know about Einsteins brain is because of Thomas Stoltz Harvey, the pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Albert Einstein in 1955. After conducting the autopsy on Einstein, he continued to remove his brain, put it in a large jar and preserved it in formalin. Later the family found out, got angry -with good reason, forgave Harvey and allowed him to study the brain. It’s without doubt a fascinating story. There are a couple of good YouTube videos about it but if you are really interested and have more time I recommend you listen to the Radiolab episode it goes into more detail. I’ll link to both.
Radiolab Podcast
Youtube Video

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